The Royal Few Welcome Video from Oreon Mounter on Vimeo.

When Pulp&Fiber got a call to design membership card’s for a new and exclusive social network named The Royal Few, our inner cat couldn’t help but be curious as to what this Regally labeled Toronto based website was all about. Enter Oreon Mounter, CEO of The Royal Few and founder of Moment Communications, who was more than happy to give us the low down on this members only site, set to launch June 2011.

TRF is a private online community for a collection of like-minded individuals looking for a heightened networking experience. The site aims to connect members of the young professional and socially active demographics to opportunities through established relationships with brands such as Molson Coors, Live Nation and LG. Members are promised everything from amazing deals to VIP experiences at the most exclusive events around the world.

10,000 users will have access to the beta testing phase during pre-launch. After beta testing is complete, Platinum 100 members will be asked to invite a selection of their most notable friends and colleagues to join the site.  Platinum 100 members are hand selected by the TRF team itself, and qualified by their social and professional status within their respective cities. There are different levels and tiers to the site as well; those who are invited by Platinum 100 members enter a sub-level, and members invited by these members enter another sub-level, and so on and so forth.  You can also move up into different classifications based on your participation and the value you bring to the site and its members.

Further to the site itself, TRF TV is a fundamental part of the network, and a weekly show that documents the experiences of the members at these exclusive events.

If you haven’t signed up for the pre-launch yet simply go to and enter your email to be included in the beta testing group. We have, and are looking forward to browsing the functionality of this brand new social platform. The idea that it targets a streamlined demographic was enough to get the whole Pulp&Fiber team signed up, and of course the allure of the beautiful members cards designed by yours truly.

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