Staff Birthday shout out: Warren Keefe

We take birthdays pretty seriously in this office, and its become a routine of sorts: The birthday boy or girl dons an incredibly embarrassing “Cake Hat” while we get our sugar fixes via cupcakes and Red Bull. And as the staff gets bigger and bigger birthdays begin to come along at a higher frequency….which brings me to today’s birthday shout out.

Warren Keefe is one of our Graphic Designers in the Fiber Design studio, working on projects for Scarpetta, The Diner at The Thompson Toronto, BACARDI Oakheart and Veuve just to name a few. We toasted him today with Maple Bacon Man Cakes from For The Love of Cake, as he celebrates his 25th birthday.  When asked to reflect on his past projects, and pick two pieces that he was particularly proud of, he chose the following poster and mailer that he created this year for Ink Events. Help us wish Warren a happy birthday by tweeting him or commenting below.


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