2011 As Told Through Twitter

2011 was an interesting year. The population hit 7 billion, and there was speculation of a rapture that never came. Vancouver showed the world what sore losers really look like, while the Mavericks became the first NBA team to lose game 3 but still win the finals. Rebecca Black released what is possibly the worst song in history, mere months after MSNBC hired a homeless man with a golden voice. There was a Royal wedding, a catastrophic earthquake, the launch of Google + and the roll out of Facebook Timeline.

The death of Steve Jobs was bookended by the releases of the iPad2 and the iPhone 4S, and we also said goodbye to Elizabeth Taylor and Jack LaLanne. With approximately 140 million tweets being sent daily, from every corner of the world, it’s clear society has discovered a new way to keep up with these current events, and stay connected.

Whether you’re a chronic Tweet-a-holic, or can’t tell a hashtag from a hashbrown, you’ll surely appreciate this impressive round-up of the year’s best Tweets. Enjoy!




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