#OSCARS2012 on Twitter

It’s hard to remember a time when Twitter didn’t exist.

Without it, how were we ever able to broadcast quippy insights on relatively insignificant things? Where could we vent our frustrations about shoddy telecom services? Untimely pizza delivery? Even, you know, global politics? How, before Twitter, could we express our crippling “Rose Ceremony” anxieties during The Bachelor on Monday nights?

Yesterday, Twitter was a’chirpin, while millions of Oscar viewers weighed in from the comforts of their own sofas. With #Oscars2012 trending worldwide, Twitter users were able to share their insights, excitements, and passing disappointments with fellow users from across the globe.

FUN FACT: Ontario ranked as one of the most active states or provinces on Twitter during the show.

Here at Pulp&Fiber, we are in the business of Tweeting, both internally and for many of our clients.  We understand the value of this platform, and the role it plays in brand marketing, as well as personal merrymaking. (NOTE: Indeed, many P&F’ers keep their own Twitter accounts, just for kicks.)

Not only did big name media outlets, like FASHION Magazine and CBC, take part in last night’s Twitter frenzy, but celebrities tweeted from their seats, and bloggers from their dimly-lit computer dens.

We followed along, with bated breath, watching the hilarity ensue as Tweet upon Tweet poured in. Some supportive, others quite snide. Even a number of fake Twitter accounts were created during the broadcast in response to a few, er, costume malfunctions?

If you missed it, here are some of our favorite #Oscar2012 tweets:


Here, writer Sarah Nicole Prickett tweets about what was arguably the brightest highlight of the evening. Sacha Baron Cohen, playing the part of The Dictator, spilled an earn full of Kim Jong-Il’s remains directly onto a tuxedo-clad Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest, the TV personality that everyone loves to hate, took the mishap in relative stride, joking with his co-host that he always comes prepared. Half an hour later, Seacrest turned up again in a brand new blazer. There’s no crying in Red Carpet, Ryan.


CBC Radio Host Jian Ghomeshi didn’t miss a beat. After every winner was announced, he chimed in with a message of congratulations. The bulk of last night’s statues were split between Hugo and The Artist, and Twitter was a torn jury. Some people hated them both, while others were thrilled to see their top selects collect Oscar after Oscar. In response to the negative Tweets about The Artist flooding his feed, and ours, Ghomeshi stood firmly by his favorite. Way to stick to your guns, Jian.


On the other side of the coin, funny-man Andy Borowitz was clearly unimpressed by the Academy’s choice for best film. And, apparently, he wasn’t alone either. After this Tweet went live, it was RT’ed repeatedly by Oscar viewers who shared his same opinion. And there were many. Borowitz is known for his dry, yet insightful Tweets, most frequently pertaining to American Politics. It’s nice to see him step out of his Twitter comfort zone and engage on a different subject. Also, we have to agree. The Artist wasn’t all that, Mr. Oscar. Better luck next year.


What would the Oscars be without the celebrities that attend them? No matter what she’s doing, cooking vegan meals, meditating, or sitting front row at her studly hubby’s concerts, Gwenith Paltrow is always active in the Twitter-sphere. While her peers were off posing for photos, and schmoozing with friends, Paltrow gave fans a  head’s up before her arrival. We can just picture her now; sitting cross-legged in the back of a limousine, wearing all white, nails done, hair done, everything did, and using her mobile device to to check in on the action before her big reveal. See? Stars aren’t so different from us after all.


Sometimes, a little bit of nipple goes a long way. In what will now surely be referred to a NippleGate 2012, Jennifer Lopez “accidentally” flashed the audience while presenting an award with Cameron Diaz. No more than four minutes after the slip, a Twitter account called @JLosNipple went live, garnering more than 2,000 followers just minutes after that! Then, during her award presentation, Angelina Jolie flashed some serious leg, standing in a way that can only be described as extremely awkward. Just like JLo’s nipple, Jolie’s leg got it’s own account as well. Points for creativity and… timeliness, I guess?


Sargent House Records sums it all up quite nicely.  Sure, sitting down with take-out, slipping into sweatpants, and watching an Awards Show is fun enough. But when you throw Twitter into the mix, it’s just that much better. All across North America, people open their doors to guests and host Oscar Parties in their living rooms. Why? Because it’s nice to share the event with others. To have your commentary heard. To make bets on who will win, who will lose, and who will wear what on the Red Carpet. With Twitter, you are able to have an “Oscar Party” with thousands of other people, while still wearing your bathrobe. The best part? no mess to clean up the next day. Can’t argue with that.


Were you on Twitter last night? What did you think of the #Oscar2012 conversation. Link to your favorite Tweets in the comments section below, and let us know who you were following during this star studded event!

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