Romance and Infographs

Here at Pulp&Fiber, we talk a lot about infographics.

What’s an infographic, you ask? Like, aside from being just a super snazzy portmanteau? (You know, a word + word = a new word?)

Well, allow us to educate you you.

An infographic, more or less, is a collection of images, charts, visualizations, and text that illustrate an idea or position.  More and more often today, infographics are used in advertising, either in the pitching phase, or within the final ad copy.

Our clients find them extremely handy when in the process of mapping out a campaign, and some even opt to use them in the campaign itself! When done the right way, an infographic can really drive a point.

We’ve seen a lot of infographics in the last few months. Heck, we’ve made a few infographics ourselves. But this one totally takes the cake.

Nothing says I love you like Adobe Illustrator. You know?

For information on how to make your own (Valentines Day, or non-Valentines Day related) click here.

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