The Asteroids Galaxy Tour & Drambuie

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is kind of a mouthful. And as the team at Pulp&Fiber learned this week, they’ll give you quite the earful, too.

On Monday, February 6th, hoards of music lovers poured into The Hoxton to witness Mette Lindberg, the band’s ferocious front-woman, belt it out in sequins and sunglasses.

The event was sponsored by Drambuie, which naturally made for the ultimate cocktail hour. Actually, let’s make it several hours of serious cocktailing.

Ticket holders were asked to take digital personality tests on branded iPads, answering questions about their lifestyle, while P+F Promo Hosts guided them through the interactive survey. Not only did this application, developed in house by P+F, assist the guests in finding the perfect Drambuie cocktail to fit their taste, it also helped Drambuie to better understand their customer. A win/win!

Once the mobile questionnaire was completed, and a drink was suggested, patrons were invited to take Drambuie tokens to the bar, and collect two complimentary Drambuie drinks. The cocktails were all hand-mixed by Drambuie bar staff, and varied in style and flavor.  It was hard to choose, but the office consensus was in favor of The Drambuie Spiced Cherry Cocktail.  It’s a simple recipe, really. Just 1oz of Drambuie, 0.5oz of Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum, 1oz of Cola, et voila!

The AGT played a fully loaded set, taking us back to the days of Barbarella, and Sly Stone, with just a little bit of Debbie Harry and a lot of “Cassandra” from Wayne’s World. Ya dig?

Were you there, too? Let us know what you thought of this amazing event, brought to you by the good folks at Drambuie, Embrace, and with a little help from their friends… the P+F team!




Development, Concept, Design and Execution of This National Program Was Done By P+F

Photography c/o P+F’s own Jen Short


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