Totes Amazeballs Cereal By Kellogg’s

We expect you will be totes amazed to discover that after receiving a tweet from Tim Burgess of Charlatans, Kellogg’s has produced a cereal named Totes Amazeballs. The British rock/indie band lead singer sent a tweet out a few weeks ago to his 21,000 followers stating that he had created a super-cereal named Totes Amazeballs, and was in talks with Kellogg’s to produce it. It wasn’t long before Kellogg’s responded to the tweet, and got together with Burgess to begin producing a single box of the cereal.

“We really try to make the most of Twitter here at Kellogg’s, and when we saw the tweet, we knew we had to make something special for him”said a Kellogg’s spokeswoman.

The super-cereal is a mix of Rocky Road cake, Coco Pops Rocks, marshmallows, shortbread pieces and raisins. A flavour combination we would totes be into. With the press circulating around this story, don’t be surprised if Kellogg’s eventually releases the cereal to the public.

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