Intern’s Corner: Kiosha Murdock

WARNING TO INTERNS AROUND THE WORLD: This post will make you jealous.

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in the boardroom having my very first interview at P&F. I was certain that my nerves had gotten the best of me, and that I had ruined my shot at working at the coolest, trendiest office I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t until after Christmas that I got the call. I had been hired!

My first few weeks at Pulp&Fiber were intimidating, and I spent most of my time in absolute silence. Jen Short, my office buddy (and now bestie), wondered if I would ever speak at all! I remember specifically saying, “Just you wait, I’m here for four months, I’ll come right out of my shell soon enough.”

Now here I am, entering the fourth month of my internship, talking a mile a minute, and loving every second.

Being a Golden Hawk Alumni, I wasn’t sure what was in store for my future. I mean sure I learned some stuff… like how to tap a keg, how to plan a themed party, even how to make every holiday an excuse to get… well you remember what university was like. However, I felt like I still had some growing up to do. Dazed and confused, I was determined to kick-start my life. Now a proud student of George Brown’s Sport and Event Marketing program, I have finally started easing my way into the real world, and Pulp&Fiber has made this terrifying transition much less of a nightmare.

This being my first “real” job, I’d like to think that people have put a lot of trust in me. I’ve worked on all sorts of projects and have gained a lot of hands on experience in the marketing world. I have helped the copywriter by researching for copy decks, and Courtney, our Office and HR Manager, has helped me to become more organized by assigning various administrative tasks. Sounds a bit dry, but it isn’t. Surprisingly.  Additionally, I write design briefs for the studio, and work on budgets for a number of different accounts.

However, I’d have to say that one of my favorite things about working here is the atmosphere. Everyone acts like one big family, especially in my little office that I share with the Red Bull team.

Not only do I get this awesome chance to work with cool clients and a great agency, I have made some pretty cool friends and explored new ideas and concepts that I would never have imagined.

P&F is definitely the perfect place to be an intern. After all, who wouldn’t like working somewhere that does weekly cupcakes and the odd beer on Fridays.

If that doesn’t make you jealous of my internship, I don’t know what will.

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