Macy’s Makes Social Media Fashionable

Have you ever walked into a giant department store looking for clothes that both suit your body type and are also trendy? Approaching racks upon racks (upon racks?) of clothing can be intimidating without guidance. The popular department store Macy’s may have found a solution for us budding fashionistas by way of social media platform. examined Macy’s social media strategy. Macy’s has taken the reighns on various social media channels in order to create personal and unique interactions for consumers of their brand. They have successfully incorporated social media outreach into their current ongoing programs.

But, is this integration of social media a smart move for a big retail store like Macy’s? Apparently it is, and Macy’s is proving that! Their social media efforts have been launched in the form of a program called Backstage Pass. BP provides Macy’s customers with various platforms to engage with the brand.

With the use of in-store QR codes, customers are able to scan the code from their smart phone (or text the number from mobile devices) and get expert advice from some of the brand’s celebrity partners. Each of the videos offers fashion advice surrounding the current trends and provides the client with fit advice on the clothing. The reception of this program has been positive thus far and is already in its third season, becoming a regular fixture in Macy’s stores.

But for those who can’t get enough of the celebrity endorsed fashion tips in store, Macy’s has a YouTube channel that includes a playlist, longer videos that include backstage footage from fashion shows, snaps from photo shoots, and fashion insight from the brand’s designers and models.

Macy’s has expanded their social media platform beyond just QR codes and YouTube video’s. They’re also among the launch partners of Facebook’s Timeline Brand Pages, and have a thick presence on Twitter, with their primary handle having close to 94,000 followers. Not to mention their presence on the new NBC reality show, Fashion Star.

So is a social media platform ideal for all retail companies? Probably not. But is it working incredibly well for Macy’s? You bet!

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