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Project Re: Brief By Google

Bob says it best, “times, they are a changing.”

In the last twenty years, we’ve seen a whole new side of advertising. The digital era has pushed the ad industry into previously uncharted territory. This year marks the 18th anniversary of Internet advertising. In honor of this milestone, Google launched Project Re: Brief.

According to the global search mogul, “digital ads are still being used to simply inform more than they’re being used to connect, engage and entertain.”

Because of this, they devised Project Re: Brief. This experiment is intended to “re-imagine what advertising could be, and push the boundaries of how creative ideas and technology can work hand in hand.”

In an extremely inventive attempt to breathe new life into current marketing campaigns, Google looked to the experts for advice. The industry veterans, five in total, each one responsible for creating an advertisement that is now considered to be iconic, acted as a mentor to their industry successors. Through a creative partnership, the two generations of top dogs worked together, taking a page from the history books, while taking hold of the new technologies available to digital advertisers.

The result?

Watch these videos, and prepare to be blown away. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Re-imagining Coca-Cola’s “Hilltop” Campaign For The Digital Age

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