Pulp&Fiber’s Night Out

Look up. Wayyy up. Tucked away in a VIP box, suspended at what felt like one million feet above ground, the Pulp&Fiber team drank beer and ate hotdogs while another team, The Toronto Raptors, took on The Orlando Magic.

Although the Raptors let us down, losing 88 to 92, we still managed to have a pretty stellar time.

It’s in these rare moments, the ones not spent bustling around the office with arms full of paper and mugs of cold coffee, that we really get to know our co-workers on a much more intimate level.

For example, we learned that our intern Kiosha is actually, like, the world’s biggest sports fan ever. And that boss-man Dave likes to get his groove on to OMFG, but only on occasion. And that studio boys Costa and Stephan are besties with the girls from The Raptor’s Dance Pack! We also learned that one of our newest additions, Joelle, is from the fair city of Winnipeg, just like our Copywriter Carli, and our new Digital Account Strategist, Daniel. And, that our Social Media Manager, Daniella, really, really likes chicken strips. We were surprised to learn that our resident Hipster/Production Coordinator, Andrew, actually enjoys watching pro-sports, even if it calls his “street cred” into question. And finally, we were pleased to discover that, contrary to our collective concern, three drink tickets per person proved to be more than enough – especially on a Monday night.

We snapped a few quick ones on our phones to share with you. Have a peek, but be kind. These events followed a grueling (yet, ultimately satisfying) day on the job.

Our team would like to offer a hearty THANK YOU to the big guys, Dave Smulowitz, Art Mandalas, and Jesse Carere, as well as our mother-hen, Courtney Buckmiller, for putting together an amazing evening. You guys rule!

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