SXSW: Social Media Mania

On Friday, March 9th, tens of thousands flocked to Texas to take part in South by Southwest. The nine-day festival, celebrating music, film and interactive technologies, takes place annually, and has been running for nearly twenty-five years.

Although the music is often considered to be the central attraction, we at P&F are particularly interested in the interactive side. And this year, it appears we weren’t alone.

Samsung, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and Chevrolet generated some serious social media hype during the five-day tech offshoot last week. According to data collected by the social media analysis firm NetBase, these companies had the greatest web presence overall.

With a whopping 500,000 mentions in total, SXSW knocked it right out of the park on the social media scale. Most of the social media accounts belonged to users based out of California, New York and Texas, with 93% of the action taking place on Twitter.

“This is a show with an incredibly strong social voice,” said Lisa Joy Rosner, chief marketing officer for NetBase, in a post found on According to Rosner, six years ago there were only a meager 200 tweets per day. Today, we see upwards of 300 million tweets a day globally, and 100,000 of which came from SXSW this past week.

Now that’s impressive.

For the full breakdown on the Social Media Mania that was SXSW, check out this AdWeek post.

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