Agency Life

The television lies. Agency life is nothing like Mad Men makes it out to be. There are no Don Draper’s in this office. Drinking at 10 AM is frowned upon, and smoking inside is strictly prohibited. We don’t have secretaries, we have administrative superstars. We don’t wear three-piece suits, we wear jeans and t-shirts. When things go wrong, we don’t just have mad men, but we have stark raving mad women here too.

An agency is a place where inventive types come together. It’s a place where ideas are shared, and creativity is a constant.  It’s also a place where fun is poked, chains are yanked, and laughs (usually at a co-workers expense) are imperative.

If you hadn’t caught on already, infographics are kind of a “thing” now. Whether advertisers use them to communicate a serious plan or thought, display real data, or illustrate a statistical breakdown, they’re quickly becoming a large part of agency life.

So, it’s only fitting that there be an infographic ABOUT agency life.

The visual narrative in the infographic below acts as a blueprint for any agency. Although meant mostly in jest, we have to say that this playful idea-map is also quite accurate!

So who took a beating? The roster includes the account coordinators, the art directors, the copywriters, the developers and the finance team.  Only a few were spared, like the graphic designers, production coordinators, and social media specialists.  But don’t worry, they’ll get theirs soon.

Do you think this is a fair description of agency life? Sound off in the comments section below!


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