Coors Light Iced-T Takes Off

It may be chilly outside but the party was certainly heating up on April 3, at the Coors Light Iced-T Launch party.

Enthusiastic Torontonians gathered, wearing their summer whites and sunglasses, at the Sound Academy in celebration of the largest launch in Molson Coors Canada’s history. The Sound Academy was transformed into a lively beach party, complete with orange umbrellas, lounge chairs, palm trees, and summer white furniture. Bronzed babes in orange wigs and beach boys in fedoras navigated through the party in support of the launch, stopping by the branded cabanas where guests relaxed and admired the light-up Coors Light Iced-T “pool”.

Coors Light Iced-T is a light, refreshing brew featuring the familiar taste of iced tea and lemon. It’s a cool, crisp drink that’s perfect for the summer. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have that awful sugary taste that many hard lemonades or coolers often feature. It’s packaged in a sleek silver can, with summery orange accents.

The headliner was The White Panda, a pair of mash-up DJ’s spinning totally revamped and revitalized chart toppers and crowd pleasers. It’s no wonder this duo has toured with the likes of Flo-Rida, Mike Posner, and Mac Miller. They’re amazing! Beach ball’s were being tossed around the packed dance floor and the crowd had their dancing shoes, and complimentary white Coors shades, on until after last call.

Social media played a large part in the night, with screens set up so that people could view a live Twitter stream! #CoorsLightIcedT was trending during the event, and @MolsonCoors couldn’t have been happier. The 2500+ people who turned up for the launch perfectly reflected the proposed demographic for this new product, and all had a chance to sample the goods. So many of them in fact, that the bars began to run out of Coors Light Iced T.

Coors Light Iced-T is now available at your local Beer Store. This long weekend, grab some friends and some Iced-T, and enjoy the sunshine and the start of summer.
Stationary and RSVP website by Pulp&Fiber. Photography by Jen Short Photography.
  • Forest Kenney

    Hi Bailey – Forest from the Molson Coors PR team here. 

    Thanks very much for the post about the launch party, you got some amazing photos, and we hope you had a great time.

    Best regards,

  • Mike Coletta

    Awesome pics Bailey!! Thx for the share!

  • Raymitheminx

    I still need to taste this!

  • Pulp&Fiber

    @twitter-14410414:disqus  @twitter-15945688:disqus Thanks for your comments guys. It was such a great event, and the perfect excuse for the staff to all hit the bar together. Wednesday was a bit rough around here. Lol. @b8fff0657b5e6415ad969e7405674314:disqus if you like light beer you will LOVE Coors Light Iced T. Really refreshing and smooth. Not nearly as sweet as we expected it to be. When you finally try it send us a tweet and let us know what you think. @Pulpandfiber 

  • Bailey Brown

    Thanks so much @twitter-14410414:disqus  and @twitter-15945688:disqus !! It was an amazing party. Looking forward to more from Molson Coors. @b8fff0657b5e6415ad969e7405674314:disqus you do need to try some! A few of my friends picked it up today and are loving it. Happy long weekend!

  • Kate

    Does anyone know where the photos are being posted with the iced tea backdrop?

  • Pulp&Fiber

    Hi @Kate:disqus the photos will be posted on the Coors Light Facebook Fan Page. You can like the page here

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  • Photographer

    I also like the DJ party and such a refreshing brew featuring the familiar taste of iced tea and lemon.  You got some amazing photos and i hope you had a great time. 

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