Goodbye, Diane!

“It is with bittersweet feelings that after a year and a half at Pulp&Fiber,
I have decided to pursue a new adventure in Vancouver.  Pulp&Fiber has been an incredible company to work for.
Tight knit, just like a second family. And although I am walking away, I will take with me an invaluable learning experience. One that I will forever have my co-workers and clients to thank for.”
-Diane Gawlik


I have never been really good at goodbyes, especially when I feel like I’ve just met the person.

After a year and a half of hard work, Pulp&Fiber’s very own Diane Gawlik has decided to venture out west in search of something new.

I have been lucky enough to be Diane’s intern for the past four months, and in this short amount of time, I have come to know Diane on both a personal and professional level.

She is business savvy and someone to admire in the world of marketing. My experience as her intern has been challenging and fun. I have learned so much in just the little time spent with her, simply because she is very good at what she does and is always eager to teach.

There’s a lot to be said about someone who can power through an Excel project, while taking a client call, and following up with the copywriter and studio via e-mail, all at the same time.

Diane has shared her love and knowledge on brown spirits – both in the work place and out. She also has taught me about the in’s and out’s condo development marketing.

This will help me both in business, and in life. (Dateable men love talking about whiskey and real estate, after all.)

Finally, I would like to thank Diane for being patient with me, for teaching me, and most of all for being an inspirational part of this well oiled machine.  You will be missed.

So, Diane, some of the staff would like to share a few words before your departure:

“Diane, It was a pleasure working with you (even though it was only for a short number of weeks). Best wishes to you on your adventure across Canada”.
– Emily Aird

“Diane, who am I supposed to kick under the table now? It definitely won’t be the same without you, both to kick and to work with. But I know you’ll have an amazing time in Vancouver. You better find a new dodge ball team. We’ll miss you”.
–Kim Cranfield

“Diane, good luck to you as you move your adventure from east to west. Your enthusiasm and cheerful smile will be missed. Thank you for all your help in our projects together. Live. Laugh. Love.”
–David Smulowitz

Roses Are Red,
EMA is whack,
We’re sad that you’re leaving,
When will you come back?
We’ll all miss your giggle,
Your salads at noon,
Good luck in Vancouver,
I’ll come visit soon.
–Carli Stephens- Rothman

“Thumbs up! Get it? All the best! XOXO”
–Jen (Shorty) Short

“Diane, after spending a year working together, it is easy to see why you are loved by your clients and coworkers. As you set out to explore this new chapter in your life, I wish you nothing but happiness, success and love. All the best in VanCity! PS. I will miss our candy shopping sprees the most!”
–Daniella Gullo

“Good luck, Diane! We’ll miss you around here.”
– Andrew LaGrave



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