#Homechella: My Love For Live Streaming

Coachella. When the final line-up was released for this year’s festival, I had no words. If any of you know me, it’s very rare that I’m speechless. I wanted to go. I needed to go! I would do questionable things in order to get there.

However, timing was not on my side. It would just so happen that my final exams would be aligned with the sets of Bon Iver, the Black Keys and The Weeknd, so Coachella 2012 was out of the question.

Lucky for me, and the millions of other people who couldn’t make it to Palm Springs this year, YouTube paired up with Coachella for the second year in a row to live stream the event. Hallelujah! This means that the entirety of the festival, showcasing some of the best names in music, can be enjoyed from the comfort of my couch. I call it #Homechella.

Who wants to rock flower headbands, get sun burnt and wait in line for port-o-potties anyways? Right?

The three stages were filmed in consistent HD quality stream, from numerous angles, with great acoustics and modest advertisement. This meant people everywhere in the world could experience over 60 acts, as if they were VIP’s, for free!

In terms of marketing and advertising, the sponsors logos are seen on a much larger scale by viewers at home. In 2011, to view the performances consumers are driven to “like” the Facebook page of the sponsor, Wrigley’s. This was so successful for Wrigley’s that they have acted as a repeat sponsor of the festival, putting up an amount estimated to be in the six-figure range. The large financial front is absolutely worth their while as we can see from all the grateful fans that are tweeting, commenting on the videos and Facebook page, and purchasing the sponsors products.

This speaks volumes about both the music industry and the festival itself. Live streaming is a brilliant strategy put in place as a means to gain exposure for bands that many people may not have heard of. It also invites fans to interact on-line and give feedback to artists and the industry.

However, as great of an impact that this digital push has had on the industry, there is still much to be said for authenticity. Many online viewers of the fest have commented saying how after watching the artists perform online this year, they are determined to go next year, myself included. It’s like a little tease. And, this helps the festival gain exposure and ensure attendance in years to come.

Evidently the future of live streaming is bright. For those of you who attended Coachella, and for those of you getting ready to go this weekend for round two, I’m jealous. For those of you stuck at home, like me, you can always pitch a tent with friends in your living room and tune in again this weekend for all the antics. It’s just like being there.


And it’s all thanks to this lovely little thing called the internet. Oh, how lucky we are.

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