Red Bull’s Total Zero Is Totally Tasty

You’re sitting at your desk, nodding off, wondering how you’re going to make it through the day ahead. The time is 9:15 am. You were up late finishing a presentation for a client, and were awake at the crack of dawn for an early morning boot camp class. You down a Venti, two sugars and two creams, and manage to make it until lunch. A tuna wrap, an apple, and an Americano, two creams, two sugars. You’re cruising!

It’s 3:00 pm. Your eyelids are getting heavy again, and you still have that final stretch until the end of the day, followed by EOD cocktails with your co-workers.

You could power through your third caffeinated beverage. After all, what’s another 350 calories? But then you start to think. You’ve got an event on the weekend, and a wedding at the end of the month, and pretty soon it’ll be bathing suit season, and then what? Suddenly, another 350 calories doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

Everyone needs a boost once in a while. But not everyone wants to mess with their waistline. That’s why Red Bull Total Zero, Red Bull’s latest product, is my new favorite drink!

Last week, we got our first taste of the energy drink at our office, and the response was unanimous.


So, how is this different from the regular sugarfree kind? Good question!

Well, aside from the fact that Red Bull Sugarfree has 10 calories per 8.4 oz can of Sugar Free Red Bull, Red Bull Total Zero tastes a lot more like the classic, with a refreshing, crisp citrus taste. 10 calories isn’t a lot, of course. But if you could have 0, why not?

It comes in a cool bluish-grey can with a yellow band around the top that states ZERO CARB, ZERO CALORIE, and ZERO SUGAR. It will be available in the standard 250ml. And, it contains B vitamins, caffeine and taurine.  These ingredients help to increase performance and concentration during times of fatigue and stress, without tipping your scale at the end of the day.

Red Bull Total Zero will be available across Canada next week, the first week of May. (Taste it for yourself at Red Bull Thre3 Style on May 4, at The Mod Club in Toronto!)

It’s nice to be the first to try new products. One of the perks of the job, I guess. But after just one sip, I knew my first can of Red Bull Total Zero would not be my last. And I’m pleased to report that I can’t wait to get my guilt-free wings flapping again!

  • ambizzle

    this artivle is a bit misleading because i am holding a 16oz can of red bull total zero and it reads 10 calories. where is the zero here?

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