Spring Fever At P+F

Look, Toronto! The migrating birds (and The Blue Jays) are back!

That’s right. Spring has sprung. Well, it’s officially been Spring for a few weeks now, but it’s finally starting to feel like it. I mean, the sun is practically pouring through our office windows!

This weekend, Torontonians will surely be dusting off their patio furniture, and strolling in cut-off’s, ice cream cones in hand.

Here at P+F, we’re all battling a bit of Spring Fever. Bring on the floral fashions, the Freezies, and the fun times. Suddenly, the ol’ Monday-to-Friday routine seems just that much brighter, so much lighter, so much… dare I even call it… FUN!? (Not that every day here at P+F isn’t a blast, all year round.)

So, in honor of the season, we polled the staff to see what everyone is most looking forward to now that the parkas have been packed away!

Marlene B.,
Account Executive
“My favourite thing about spring is sleeping with the window open.”

Leonardo Fracassi,
A/R Collection
“Sun Dresses.”

Justin Adam,
Sr. Art Director
“The birds are back.”

Diane Gawlik,
Account Executive
“Putting my boots away!”

Costa Artemakis,
Sr. Designer
“Cleaning my garden.”

David Barnes,
Account Director and New Business Development
“I just love the smell of fresh soil.”

Carli Stephens-Rothman,
“Watching Costa clean his garden, whatever that’s supposed to mean.”

Daniella Gullo,
Community Manager
“One word: Patios!”

Joelle Wall,
Graphic Designer
“I can start riding my bike again.”

Anna Garcia,
Graphic Designer
“The weather and the flowers.”

Warren Keefe (pictured above),
Graphic Designer
“Queen West Girls. All the hotties are hotter because they aren’t wearing Canada Goose jackets.”

Bailey Brown,
“I get to retire my Canada Goose jacket.”

Kiosha Murdock,
“Spring means I’m that much closer to OVO Fest… only 116 days to go!”

Lesley Amos
Traffic/Studio Manager,
“The flowers.”

Kate Ripley,
Graphic Designer
“Best part? No more snow.”

Brittany Waldner,
Sr. Graphic Designer

Dana Silnicki,
Mama-To-Be / Accounting
“The rain.”

Andrew LaGrave,
Production Coordinator
“Putting beer in my backpack, and then taking my backpack to the park, and taking the beer out of my backpack, and drinking my beer in the park.”
The P+F’ers have spoken. Spring is truly a wonderful time of year. What is your favourite thing about spring? Let us know in the comment section below!




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