Top Advertising Taglines of All Time

Got milk?

It’s short. It’s simple. It’s grammatically incorrect. But it works!

This popular tagline is just one of the many catchy phrases that act as anchors for campaigns. Taglines are to print as jingles are to television. They get stuck in your head and you unintentionally associate the grouping of words with the brand. A tagline provides a company with the opportunity to communicate their brand identity, setting them apart from others in their industry. They are posted on all company material – from websites, to letterheads to print ads.

So what does a good tagline actually look like?

A good tagline is memorable and resonates with a bigger idea. It identifies the audience’s need for the product, or promises them something using the most basic wording. It’s also important that tagline ties back to the logo, connecting the two.

And, who does it best? Who’s taken just a few short words, strung them together, and made history? Check out our list of The Top Ten Best Taglines Ever!


 Apple Computer, “Think different”

Apple cleverly uses a variety of individuals who are considered to have iconic minds,
linking them to the company’s world renowned tagline.

Disneyland, “The Happiest Place on Earth”

Disneyland is totally the happiest place on Earth – for children and adults alike.
This tagline has stuck with people as they associate Disneyland with fantasy, fun and magic.

Molson Canadian Beer, “I am Canadian”

This commercial uses the Molson tagline alongside a range of figures and practices, placing emphasis on Canadian culture.
Among these is of course – beer.

Wendy’s, “Where’s the beef?” 

Newer Wendy’s commercials have offered a new spin on their old tagline.  In this photo, Wendy’s answers their old question, too.
You want beef? They’ve got it

Nike: “Just do it”


Athletes and exercise buffs all associate the ever popular tagline with everything active and sports related – reiterated through the use of their advertising

VISA: “VISA – It’s everywhere you want to be”

By targeting the desire for convenience, VISA places itself above its competitors, such as AMEX, by sending the message that a payment by VISA will never be rejected by the vendor. Further more, the tagline exudes excitement through experience. Experience that will cost you $$!

Lay’s potato chips: “Betcha can’t eat just one”

As a junk-foodie, I can totally relate to this tagline – I really can’t eat just one – unless you’re referring to one bag

Smarties: “Do you eat the red ones last?”

The thought of eating something painted in my favourite colour first offers nostalgic memories – and yet is a ritual that I continue to perform.

Energizer Batteries: “It keeps going, and going, and going…” 

The pink bunny with the drum represents everything Energizer. When pairing the battery operated bunny with the “It keeps on going” tagline, you immediately associate longevity with the brand.

Crest: “Look, Ma, no cavities” 

Every child aspires to come home from the dentist without cavities – and of course beam proudly about it to their parents. This tagline captures that pride and links it back to good hygiene.

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