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I eat, sleep, and breathe Twitter. It’s my job. It’s my hobby. Honestly, it’s my life.

Because of this, people are constantly asking who I follow, and who they should be following in order to heighten their Twitter experience.

I’ll usually rattle off a few of the usual suspects. For example, Oprah is a good start, Barack Obama has a great feed, The Huffington Post and The Onion are both obvious must-follow’s, and of course I always (modestly) ask them to follow me, @Little_d33! #NoPromo

But, as more and more people log into the Twittersphere, even after swearing they never, ever, EVER would, I felt it was high-time that I tossed together a P+F Must-Follow List. Many of the following accounts are Toronto specific, but some are global accounts, and offer a wealth of knowledge and or humour.



My preference here is to follow critics and food bloggers rather than restaurants. I will often tweet these users for an unbiased restaurant suggestion, or visit their blog before making reservations.

@FoodieYu– Full time tax consultant, part time food blogger, and cute as a button, Stella Yu is the author of Food Junkie Chronicles, and gets my mouth watering with every Tweet she pens!

@viewthevibe – As the creator and owner of View The Vibe, Toronto’s only video restaurant guide, Nicki Laborie takes an easy, fuss free and fun approach to food.

@dobbernation – A joy to tweet with and to dine with, Andrew Dobson is a must follow. His honesty and fun loving nature make for trustworthy recommendations and entertaining reads.

@amypataki – Restaurant critic for the Toronto Star, Amy exudes experience, honesty and passion. Check her articles weekly on thestar.com and be sure to tweet her the next time you’re about to make a reso.

@CoreyMintz – Any tweeter worth his salt (get it?) knows that humour is key. He describes himself as a professional dinner party host, and idiot. Don’t know about you, but we’d love to attend one of his dinner parties. (It’s ok. We can be idiots too, Corey.)



@TheWeekndXO – If you love his music you will love his tweets. Dark, cryptic, and sexy.

@RollingStone – A no-brainer for any music fan. The latest music news from around the world.

@Deadmau5 – Following Deadmau5 means you will at least once be witness to some mau5rage. He loves to stir up controversy on Twitter from time to time, but he also has some really interesting convos with other legendary DJ’s and artists.

@LiveNationON – Concert listings, music news and amazing contests for Ontario. Live Nation Ontario is a must follow for any music lover in the province.

@iamdiddy – Whether you are a fan of his music or not, Diddy is one to follow. Surprisingly, his feed is pretty inspirational! If you can get over all the Ciroc promo, you might dig the motivational vibe. We sure do!



The following require no explanation. For anyone living in the wonderful city of Toronto, you should connect with the following accounts to stay in the loop on all things Tdot.

 @Toronto_Life, @Toronto, @NowToronto, @TorontoStar, @1LoveTO


Bloggers and Influencers:

@CasieStewart – Any “tweetie” from T.O will tell you that Casie is a must follow. She has a unique ability to make you smile with every tweet.  For the most part she tweets/blogs about fashion, events and viral topics.

@ValTorontoGal – Val has a killer blog called “I’m Charming You” and recently launched a platform via her blog named Charming Dealights. Brands that send her swag for reviewing can offer her readers the same swag at a fraction of the retail price. Readers can then review the product on Val’s blog and receive points for reviewing! Brilliant.

@40Deuce – Sheldon Levine is the Community Manager over at Sysomos, has a unique talent for sparking conversation, and shares a lot of social media tips and news. He also gets me nodding sympathetically every time he tweets about his insane work schedule.

@LaurenOnizzle – Another fellow Community Manager, Lauren is equal parts adorable and trendy, and  a great person to follow if you want to know what’s trending now.

@snpsnpsnp – Sarah Nicole Prickett knows how to get tongues wagging. Whether she’s sounding off on on an article she’s just read, or promoting one she’s written herself, her cutting, clever tonality keeps us following close behind.

@jianghomeshi – Host of Q Radio on CBC, Jian knows a thing or two about tunes. We like to follow him to get the scoop on the music scene here in Canada.


Funny Folks:

@ChefGrantSoto – This mystery man has made a name for himself by poking fun at Toronto’s top culinary professionals. He claims to own a restaurant that, although is non-existent, will actually exist for one day this summer! Stay tuned as he teams up with other chefs in an effort to turn this Twitter gag into a full on culinary experience.

@SarcasticWilly – Don’t be fooled by imitators. This is the original Sarcastic Willy Wonka profile, and every tweet will have you wanting to hit the RT button. Sarcasm is sexy, after all!

@textinstagram – This one’s a must follow for any Instagram user. This brand new profile managed to collect almost 45,000 followers with only 27 tweets.

@wolfpackalan – The lovable character from The Hangover film sounds off on a parody twitter profile that oozes comedy. If you’re in need of a giggle,  Alan is your man.


On behalf of Pulp&Fiber, I tweet from the following internal platforms:

@PulpAndFiber – all things marketing and agency life. This is where we publish links to The Thread, talk about the staff and our environment and share news about our clients and experiential events

@Fiber_Design – The voice of the design studio, here we tweet about art, design, street style, music, toronto party scene and more.

@FilmFashionF1 – Pulp&Fiber’s event brand hosts up to 3 events per year. The name says it all here; tweets are about film, fashion and F1 respectively.


So, who do you follow on Twitter that has made your experience with the micro-blogging platform more enjoyable? Sound off in the comments below and drop their handle. Be sure to leave your handle as well so we can follow and tweet with you. And for goodness sake, be sure to follow Twitter!

  • Caron

    Follow @ctrothman! 

  • http://flavors.me/40deuce 40deuce

    Wow! I’m honoured to be included in this awesome list. Thanks so much Daniella!

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  • http://twitter.com/Little_d33 Daniella Gullo

    No problem @40deuce:disqus we’ve had some great twitter convos, and you’ve led me to a lot of helpful articles over the past couple of years, so thanks for that!

  • http://twitter.com/Little_d33 Daniella Gullo

    I should mention that I am obsessed with @LaughingSquid:twitter  @Devour:twitter @DesignMilk:twitter & @AppliedArts:twitter 

  • Packaging Diva JoAnn Hines

    Follow me @packagingdiva for all the awesome Twitter peeps who talk about packaging and paper too.

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