Why Your Company Needs A Social Media Presence

Social media has taken over. There are over 750 million people using Facebook and over 170 million people using Twitter. Those are just a few of the many popular social media platforms people are utilizing today.

So, what can social media do for your business? Social media allows you to increase your reputation as a leader and influencer in your field. It allows you to showcase what you have to offer, and can increase sales and generate new clients. It allows you to network faster than ever before, and build a global community. It also serves as a means to get feedback, which is essential for any business that aims to foster good customer service relationships.

The 2011 Ford Explorer Reveal is a great campaign demonstrating the power of social media marketing. The long story: They revealed the remodeled Explorer entirely on Facebook using a Facebook fan page. They attracted a lot of attention and built up anticipation by keeping updates consistent, with dozens of video and picture uploads on the reveal day. They also had fans enter a sweepstakes on the page to win one of the very first new models. They now have over 200,000 fans. The short story: Social media works wonders.

Another good example is the frequently covered “Old Spice Guy.” This campaign went viral with over 180 live stream video responses and countless tweets responding to consumer questions and comments, all within a three-day period. They now have over 280 million YouTube video views, over 200,000 Twitter followers, and over 2 million Facebook fans.

Developing a social media presence is a great way to get yourself seen and heard. Of course, you can’t do it alone. There are trained professionals, Community Managers and Social Media Managers, who can help to focus and execute your social media campaign. However, it’s not difficult to get started on your own. Here’s how:

  • Sign up! Many social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are free to use, and easy to sign up for, so get an account today
  • Provide links to your social media pages on your company’s website so visitors can easily find them. Make messaging available and keep it consistent. Take it one step further and include them in your email signature as well
  • Set social media goals for your company. Maybe you’d like to aim for 5 tweets a day or a blog post every day, putting out information is the best way to get feedback. You only get what you give, right?
  • Make sure to let your co-workers know when a new company blog post is up on your site. Social media success is a team effort, and all tweets, status updates and posts should be circulated through your staff so that they too can share the content with their friends outside the workspace
  • Monitor your social media platforms closely. Pick a time each day to see what you’re putting out, and what feedback your receiving in return. See what else is going on in the social media universe, and give feedback to others. Sharing is caring and helps to build good relationships with other companies and potential clients

Still a little foggy? If you’re looking to delve into the world of social media with your business or corporation, get in touch with us here at Pulp&Fiber. We offer social media strategy and community management services that will have you hashtagging, ping-backing and trending in no time.

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