Mother’s Day Commercials

She carried you for nine months. She screamed, and swore, and push, push, pushed you into the world.  She woke up with you at all hours of the night, and burped you over her shoulder. And then, years later, scolded you under her breath about burping in public.

She taught you about manners. To say please, and thank you, and never to leave your dirty socks on your bedroom floor. She hugged you when you cried, and tickled you until you peed.  She put on your Band-Aids, and took off your snowsuits.  She packed your lunches, and dressed you for prom. She was there for your first haircut. Your first heartbreak. And your first hangover. And dried your tears when you experienced all three.

She watched you grow, with pride and delight. She applauded you in cap and gown, and bragged about you to all of her friends. She corrected you when you said I can’t, and smiled for you when you said I do.

Even when she becomes Granny, or Nona, or Bubbie, or Oma, or even good ol’ Grandmère, she will always be Mom to you.

This Mother’s Day, and every day, be sure to let her know just how much she means to you.

Here at Pulp&Fiber, we love our Mama’s. And in honour of this holiday weekend, we’ve collected the very best commercials that celebrate motherhood. Enjoy!

  • tom

    The Mr. Clean Mother’s Day ad was pretty entertaining as well. It’s the top video here:

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