My Last Wish: The App

First, we have Instagram, cornering the market on the “photography” focused (and in a lot of cases, the extremely vain) smart phone user.  Since then, and previous to that, other apps have been created to help with everything from cooking, to shopping, to picking up women and gauging the intensity of a fart.

So, what’s the next big thing in the world of digital time wasting? The must-have app du jour? It’s a social network for the dying.  A virtual bucket list.

My Last Wish is an application that can be used on your computer, or downloaded to your phone, and allows people to connect with each other and discuss an otherwise sensitive subject. This is done over something called a ‘Wish Wall’.  People post lists of things that they hope to do, or goals they would like to achieve, all before their time is up. Here, they are able to pick the music for their funeral, and discuss organ donation. Then, other people who share those same premortem ideals can connect with them to support one another, and share information.

This is a great example of how social networks whittle their audience down, and successfully target specific people. However, unlike some networking sites, this one is using the power of the platform to connect on a deeper level. It’s bringing a group of individuals together, and fostering optimism and hope, which is a beautiful thing. In my case, it might be nice to meet another person whose dying wish is to meet Denver the Guilty Dog. Man, he felt sooo guilty.

This creation has the potential to turn into something big, and for a number of reasons. For one, it breeds positive thinking, unlike Facebook which has been accused of breeding sheer narcissism. Another reason is that it reaches a huge target. I mean, theoretically, we’re all dying, aren’t we? It’s a morbid fact, but a fact nonetheless.

If moderated properly, this network can do a lot of good. It can support those who need support, stimulate the defeated, and inspire all of us to try new things and plan for the future.

That said, the cynic inside me worries that disturbed individuals may look at this as an opportunity to exploit people. That, combined with the fact that those who are near death might prefer to spend their last months on earth with friends and family rather than making lists on the internet, might be the only obstacle that this app will face.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Will My Last Wish take off? Or is this idea destined to, er, flatline? Sound off in the comments section below.

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    This is really a weird idea… ? Why make your death arrangments in a public forum?

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