When To Delete A Tweet

You know that old saying? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Well, ever since the dawn of Twitter, this adage has taken a bit of a beating. People tweet whatever’s on their mind, at any given time, every hour of the day.

This has had both a positive and negative effect on the social media scene. On the one hand, there are always plenty of rib-tickling tweets to read, those tongue-in-cheek declarations that poke fun at others, or simply make the tweeter himself look remarkably silly. The negative effect, of course, is that sometimes a flippant tweet can be extremely hurtful to others, as well as damaging to your own reputation.

But who said that there’s never room for error? After all, Twitter does provide us with a “delete this tweet” button for a reason.

Whether you’re on the job, and have misspelled a tweet for a social media client, or sent a tweet, er, past your bedtime and after a few too many brewskis, you can always take the retroactive approach.

When in doubt, delete and redo.

However, if you’re still unsure about which tweets should get the axe, and which ones are safe to stay, have a look at this clever infographic by Danny Dumas for Wired.

  • Cordelia Mclintock

    I often look back at tweets and wonder if maybe i should have deleted them.  Usually I don’t. But sometimes I do. This was funny! Thanks!

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