Oreo Celebrates Pride

Everyone remembers their first Oreo cookie.  My first Oreo cookie was given to me by a kid in my daycare group.  I think her name was Alicia. She showed me how to twist the cookie open, and use my finger to scoop the peanut butter off her sandwich, which now lay open-faced on the bench beside us. Then, we’d smear the peanut butter onto the exposed white filling. This, of course, was back when kids could still take peanut butter to school. These were happier times. Simpler times. We then discarded the top of the cookie, and proceeded to lick the sticky brown and white mound until there was nothing left but another black biscuit to throw out. It was glorious.

Oreos are iconic. Just about everyone has had an Oreo at one point in his or her life. When you think about an Oreo, you think about swing sets, and lunch boxes, and sleep over parties, and summer camp care packages. The way it looks, the way it tastes; it’s so familiar, and so simple. Black, white, and served best with cold milk. It’s a classic, and you don’t mess with a classic.

But this week, a picture of an Oreo cookie with six layers of rainbow coloured frosting popped up on Facebook. With this, we see the word “pride” and a date at the bottom.  In no time, the picture gained 20,000 comments.

Despite what we at Pulp&Fiber think (which is “WAY TO GO, OREO!”), there are others who are not as enthused. Although many of the comments proved positive, there were a number of messages that were less than supportive, some people even threatening to stop buying and eating the cookie all together!

REALLY?! It’s 2012. And Oreo isn’t the only company who has openly stepped out in support of the LGBT community, nor will it be the last.

Last month, the Gap’s “Be One” ad, which features two men inside a T-shirt together, was received by rave reviews. Also, Ben & Jerry’s announced their latest ice cream flavor, Apple-y Ever After. The container depicts two grooms standing on top of a rainbow coloured cake. And, you may have noticed everyone’s favourite funny woman, Ellen DeGeneres, take the reigns as the JC Penny spokesperson.

Advertising is about making things accessible, reaching a variety of markets, and creating brand awareness across a number of platforms, for a breadth of demographics. At least, that’s what GOOD advertising is about.

To all the haters who can’t seem to “stomach” this campaign, we say this:

Relax, take a breath, count to ten, eat a dang cookie, and be happy.

We commend Oreo for taking a chance, and for embracing a movement that celebrates love. Who doesn’t love love, after all?

Happy Pride!


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