Using Social Media to promote your brand’s presence is far from a new concept. After all, we talk about that on The Thread, like, everyday. But amidst the slew of beer companies and energy drink labels popping up on Twitter and Facebook, there are other “brands” that seek So-Me representation.

It’s important to remember the definition of a brand. Every business or establishment that appeals to the masses or recruits the public has its own brand. A brand isn’t just a logo, after all.

With this latest group jumping on the digital band wagon, the need for a web presence has made itself even more obvious to just about every niche market out there. We know sex sells. But can God sell, too?

Maximize Social Media, an agency out of California, has announced that it will now reach out to churches, and other religious groups, offering them Social Media management services, just the same way they would for, say, a car company or a sunglasses designer.

Social Media is, in fact, the ideal outlet for religious communities. Whether it’s the posting of inspirational words from pastors, invites to a community picnic, or fundraising for new choir uniforms (hallelujah!), this is a great way to reinforce the already strong ties that bind these groups together.

When Moses told his people to ‘follow’ him, he didn’t mean on Twitter. He meant on a forty-year trek through the sweltering Sinai desert. Needless to say, logging in from your smartphone is a lot less, hmmm, physically draining than a four-decade hike to the promised land.

But what if he did mean Twitter? I mean, we know he didn’t. But can you imagine!?

This got us thinking: How neat would it have been to have had some of the biggest names in the Bible on Twitter, talking about their day to day lives, communicating their teachings, and connecting with the masses?

Wanna know how neat? It would be THIS neat:


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