A “Shellish” Ordeal

An elaborate hoax sprouted up at the end of April. Only, no one knew it was a hoax until now.

Greenpeace teamed up with a pair of activists called The Yes Men to create a website called arcticready.com.

The site was designed to riff on Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s website, and invited users to employ a mock ad generator to voice their opinions on the oil giant.

Shell has long been criticized for its practices and policies, and the impact they have had on the environment.

Check out some examples of these user-made mock ads from Huffington Post.

Shell fired back with the threat of legal action, which was later retracted – possibly due to the negative publicity it attracted.

Greenpeace continues to fuel the fire (bad pun) through the fake Twitter handle @ShellisPrepared, where they are doing a stand-up job at making Shell seem like they have no idea how Twitter works.

To be frank, we believed that the @ShellisPrepared was the real Shell account when we first read it too. Ah well.

What do you think? Was this a low-blow from Greenpeace and The Yes Men? Or does Shell need to learn how to take a joke?


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