Expedia: Find Yourself

If you’re stuck in an office somewhere, you might want to avert your eyes.

Expedia.com has just launched its first campaign with agency 180LA, and to be blunt, the thing works. It makes me want to pack up my MacBook and entry-level tote bag and go to India, or Bali, or Starbucks on Bloor.

The premise is inviting, intimate, and interactive. Expedia collected actual travel footage from customers doing all sorts of hip, neat, adventurous travel things like eating weird food, jumping off blue-water cliffs, and mingling with the locals. It’s corny, but like I said, it works. The fact that it’s real footage supplied by real Expedia users makes it all the more powerful, tugging on the heart strings of all who watch. When the American man and the Asian man share a laugh in the pub, my iTunes automatically starts playing Time of Your Life by Green Day.

Expedia is rebranding in general. Their old jingle sounded like an amateur men’s quartet, singing the words “DOT COM” with an ear piercing twang. They then upgraded to “Where you book matters,” which also wasn’t doing it for them, and along with this new campaign, Expedia has released a new, more inspirational angle: Find yours.

Find your future. Find your connection. Find your calling. (But first, find your credit card.)

According to Adweek, in addition to the one-minute video, Expedia is working on mini-documentaries starring ordinary customers with extraordinary travel stories. The company is also sponsoring trips for travel bloggers to amazing destinations, including Spain for the running of the bulls, and across the U.S. on a college-football tour.

In other words, stay tuned.


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