Ikea: The King Of Campaigns

Sweden has given the city of Toronto three monumental gifts: Mats Sundin, H and M, and finally, the ability to furnish our overpriced one-bedroom apartments with cheap, sub-quality furniture. But Ikea, the blue and yellow furniture giant whose outlets look like small cities, didn’t get where they are over night. They were not always such models of success. Their reputation was not always as stellar. Like their customers, they had to build it.

The crux of any good brand begins with the act of getting noticed, and aside from the attention the company gets when they transplant ten thousand homes along with a children’s hospital to build one of their stores, they also happen to be genius marketers, and this is apparent in several of their ads.


Exhibit A: “Why not? It’s under warranty.”

This commercial, released last Christmas, but currently enjoying a rebirth on the summer airwaves, was a bit of a shocker. It plays as if it’s going to be a cheesy commercial for life insurance or even Cialis, but then boom! It’s all Ikea in your face. It’s young, sexy, funny, and it features one of those weird songs you find yourself singing at work the next day. I remember seeing this for the first time sitting beside my mom, and her saying “That’s not what kitchen counters are for!” But then, for some reason, she and my dad went to make vegan nachos. In the kitchen. For a long time.


Exhibit B: So many choices, so little space.

This online campaign launched at the end of April shows the power of great web design, digitally reminding customers that Ikea products help you save space. The company has managed to fit an entire store’s catalogue into a 300-by-250 pixel ad. The products magnify as you browse them with your mouse, and clicking takes you to the ordering page. Aside from being fully functional, it’s just down right purdy.


Finally, Exhibit C: Happy to bed

Alright, Ikea, just you settle down now. All this facebook-youtube-interactive-synergy-branding-experience is making me want to furnish my boss’s office with the new Gustav Computer Desk and Klemens Swivel Chair just to let him know that I care. But really, the “Happy to Bed” campaign is something truly different and innovative. Ikea has embedded a 3D, personalized showroom on Youtube, that is custom tailored to your preferences through information gathered from your Facebook profile. They even hang photos in your virtual bedroom gathered from your best friends’ profiles. Mind blown? Yeah, mine too.

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