Somethin’ In My Teeth?

I hate to sound like your dentist, but did you floss this morning? If not, Colgate, the planet’s purveyor of oral hygiene, has just rolled out an ad campaign that may have you rethinking that spinach salad you brought for lunch.

The campaign, created by Y&R Brazil, features lovely portraits of couples who have a little something in their teeth. To emphasize just how distracting that can be, the pictures have been Photoshopped to give the subjects weird disfigurements, or phantom positioning of limbs.  The copy on each ad reads “Not even that [insert anatomical oddity] gets more attention than a mouth without care.” In other words, no one’s going to notice that missing ear or extra limb if you’ve got something in your teeth.

This does not mean that a person with a sixth toe or third nipple should stop flossing all together. Like I said, dental hygiene is paramount, and this is just a gimmick. I repeat: THIS IS JUST A GIMMICK!

However, the ads are clever, original, and make us laugh. So at least it’s an effective gimmick.

And, of course, only the men seem to get food stuck in their teeth. Because, you know, men are pigs, and most women just drink smoothies.

See the rest of the photos on AdWeek here.

  • Karl

    This was funny! Thanks!

  • Bob Bookilini

    clever and humourous

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