Jingle All The Way

At one point radio advertising ruled the world. When, you ask? We’re trying to remember. Sometime around Leave It To Beaver, or Casablanca, or when Beethoven was still jammin’ on the ol’ ivories. It may seem dated, but it’s definitely still around – even with all the Satellite radio stations that have phased it out and replaced it with subscription fees.

Do you remember A Christmas Story? Of course you do. It’s only the best Christmas movie ever made (It’s a Wonderful Life is great, but it makes us cry). Well, then you must remember when Ralphie is listening to the Little Orphan Annie radio show just after he’d received his secret decoder pin in the mail, and in the end the secret message turns out to be: “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!” It turns out that was a real-life method used by Ovaltine to advertise on the radio, and though it was probably effective – it was frustrating, as proven by Ralphie’s reaction: “A crummy COMMERCIAL!”

Although it’s said that video killed the radio star, radio is still alive and well! With approximately nine minutes of advertising per hour on regular AM/FM stations, it appears that advertisers still take to the airwaves to get their messages across.

But do you find radio ads repellant or attractive? Think of the ads that begin with a loud phone ringing. It seems like every radio ad begins that way, doesn’t it? After the phone ringing comes a man or woman yelling at you in a voice that seems much to excited to be talking about a local restaurant. Now think of a Canada-wide mattress retailer with a very recognizable jingle. Isn’t that jingle soothing and nostalgic? Or do you find the jingle to be the most annoying song in the world? Chime in down below with your opinions on radio advertising, but first listen here!


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