Mio For the Millennials

Soft drinks are out. Water is in. Millennials are here. And Mio, the new water-flavor system from Kraft, really is changing everything.

Perhaps you’ve seen Mio’s weirdly hilarious TV spots Kraft rolled early this summer for their new “liquid water enhancer”, and perhaps your keen advertising eye has noticed it’s quite a departure from the usual Kraft fare. Up until this, the edgiest campaign Kraft had ever conceived was turning Miracle Whip into the topping of choice for a gentrified gang of young parents that refuse to tone down their turkey on rye.

The Mio spot, directed by Benjamin Weinstein of Steam Films in Toronto, is fresh water for Kraft in several ways. Not only are the ads bizarre, funny, and getting talked-about, but the target demographic is something new for Kraft and the water-flavoring industry in general. Is water-flavoring an industry? It is now.

Anyway, that demographic is known as “millennials” according to a Globe and Mail article published today, and millennials are people aged anywhere from their late teens to about age 30.

The article points out a number of fascinating advertising trends for targeting said millennials, such as how soft drinks are on the decline among Canadians, and water is on the rise.

In addition, Mio, the Italian word for “mine,” has taught Kraft the value of digital advertising.

“Kraft’s media buy was focused on TV programs that skewed male,” the article says. “But it also leaned heavily on digital: The company bought much more preroll (the ads that play before videos online) than usual, on sites such as TSN.ca and MTV.ca. And on YouTube, it bought “True View” ads, which allow viewers to opt out of ads they don’t want to watch – all of this a response to research that shows male millennials watch video on their computers more often, but are especially reluctant to watch advertising.”

After seeing this commercial, would you buy a bottle for that hunky male millennial in your life?

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