Pride Is The Best Publicity

There’s a lot more closet space available these days.

Just this past week, two highly influential personalities have declared their sexual preference to the public. Both Anderson Cooper, the dashing grey-haired mascot for CNN, as well as Frank Ocean, the eccentric hip-hop and R&B sensation, have become overnight celebrities in the LGBT community. And while no one is denying the authenticity of their claims, there is also no denying the publicity the two men have received in the past few days.

Frank Ocean’s second album, the highly anticipated Channel Orange, is scheduled to hit shelves July 17th. His announcement came yesterday via a letter he published on his tumblr, and as fast as you can punch 140 keys, Ocean was trending on Twitter. Not only were huge celebrities like Russell Simmons congratulating Frank for his courage, but fans were inundating Twitter and Facebook with album hype.

Advertising is very much about image. You are your own brand. Cooper has long been known as the media’s Silver Fox, while Ocean has been regarded as the Man Behind The Mixtape. These are not just nicknames. These are their taglines.

The two became the most highly searched online this week, while the entire world took to Twitter:

“Ok, I officially can’t wait for Channel Orange now.” – @Noz

“I still support Frank Ocean’s music to the fullest and I’ll be getting Channel Orange when it releases.” –@WrathTheFURIOUS

And lastly…

“Reveal your sexuality prior to Channel Orange release. Gain publicity. Record sales increase. Genius.” –@theclaudiaowen

Some call it a strategy, others call it an innocent fluke. Heck, I just say call me, maybe. Regardless, whatever the cause, the response has been major.

How great it is to be living in a day and age where people of importance feel free enough to be themselves. We love this! We support this! We feel nothing but pride! And we’re sure Ocean’s label feels the same. And not just because of how this is all panning out for record sales. And while people have long speculated about Cooper’s sexual orientation, clearing the air once and for all has turned one of the best news anchors in the world into a news story himself.

Oreo got similar buzz last week, stepping out as a supporter of the LGBT community. For this, they recieved both praise and flack. But like Cooper and Ocean, one thing remains true: No publicity is bad publicity.

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