“Skip” This Campaign

I am going to start this blog post by talking about my good friend Shayne. (This is not a picture of him.)

When it comes to ridiculous skills, skills that aren’t really skills at all, Shayne has definitely got them. Master juggler, addictinggames.com champion, and up until today, he was the closest thing to a rock skipping robot.

Meet Skippy, the latest advancement in Robo Technology. He is programmed to do one thing really well. That thing is skipping rocks. I am literally holding back tears right now. I’m, like, so proud of the progress that science has made.

But wait. There’s more. That’s right. Engineers did not work tirelessly to create this remarkable device just for kicks. Nope.

Brought to us by ad agency Eleven, Skippy, as he is called, was designed as an advertising tool used to market Sun Valley, Idaho, during the summer months. This area, which is primarily known for wintertime skiing, is apparently a real hoot in the heat, too. That is, if skipping stones is your idea of a wild time. I’m looking at you, Shayne.

You can live-stream the video feed of Skippy, and virtually skip stones if you’re prepared to wait your turn.

“HOW!?” (This is surely what you’re screaming right now…)

Simply sign up on Facebook, or Twitter, or directly on the website, and then share it. And the fun doesn’t stop there. No, sir. You can also observe as others use Skippy to skip rocks. All the thrill of watching paint dry, none of the fumes.

As far as innovation goes, we’ll give the thumbs up to the creators of this automated rock chucker. It’s pretty cool, I guess. But as far as advertising goes, we’re not sure we see the appeal? Why not show photos of zip lines, or hiking trails, or a bear stealing someone’s pic-a-nic basket?  I mean, you’re trying to bring people there, not put them to sleep at their desks.

Get back to me when you find a robot who can play cat’s cradle, or a cyborg that’s exceptionally good at bocce ball.

Now that’s what I call innovation.

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    shayne sounds like a guy i could marry. 

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