Why Research Is A Must

Siri is not a botanist. And if she fancies herself one, she has a lot to learn. In the Apple Iphone 4s(nafu) print ad, Siri made a pretty big mistake when the pictured hand model asked what poison oak looked like. And then Siri, the all-knowing sage that she is, GETS THE ANSWER WRONG!

Now, we all know that both poison ivy and poison oak could be detrimental to a person’s hand modeling career. No one wants to see a horrible rash in a Rolex ad, or little weird bumps on a finger displaying a diamond engagement ring, so why would Siri do such a thing? Was it sabotage? Does Siri secretly wish that she too was a hand model?

Well, WolframAlpha, Siri’s best pal and search engine is mostly responsible, retrieving the incorrect results for that query.  But what’s more is that there is an agency responsible for creating the ad. An agency that should have done its due diligence.

Poor WolframAlpha. They will catch most of the heat for this blunder, retreating further into the giant shadow of its arch-enemy, Google. But, in the end, it’s the researchers at TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Apple’s ad agency, that let this embarrassing mistake slip through the cracks, putting this poor, well manicured woodsman at serious risk.

Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the hand models!?

An agency is only as good as its research, so it’s the agency’s job to make sure it’s as thorough as possible.  It seems this agency has put too much faith in Siri, and too little time towards triple checking their facts. Tsk, tsk.

Check the ad out below, and leave us a comment.

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