Ben & Jerry’s Social Spooning

If you’re on Facebook, are single, and enjoy throwing back a carton or three of Cherry Garcia on top of some Chunky Monkey every once in a while (as single people tend to do), this might have you drooling in more ways than one.

A new social media campaign from ice-cream barons Ben & Jerry’s is urging their Facebook fans to get to know their online friends a little more intimately, and to do so, the company has launched an application dubbed “Wanna spoon?”

Essentially, the app matches current Facebook friends based on compatible movies, music, interests and so on. When a “spooning” partner is found (someone with several similarities), a post appears on their wall under your name reading “Using a fancy algorithm, Ben & Jerry’s decided we’d make great spooning partners.” The recipient is then urged to click and see why, and is led to find a coupon for the company’s new Greek Frozen Yogurt.

The app was designed by Amalgamated along with Tool of North America, however the tagline “Wanna spoon?” is from the consistently quirky branding work of Unilever. We think idea is cute, and it’s definitely a clever, brand-appropriate way to expose the Ben & Jerry’s name, and let’s admit it, there’s nothing more charming than a wall post from that guy at work asking you out for Greek Frozen Yogurt.

For a full interactive, Ben & Jerry’s released a video explaining how the app works in detail, which can be seen below.

Just remember, spooning leads to forking.



  • Clem

    Very cute idea.

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