The Broadbent Institute, a Canadian think tank, has launched a campaign called “Dear Jack”, through which Canadians are encouraged to share their stories about how Jack Layton’s vision has inspired them.

A year ago today, NDP leader Jack Layton died after a battle with cancer, but not before he left a letter urging Canadians to “be loving, hopeful and optimistic.”

Leaving Canadians with a non-partisan message, Layton pleaded with the population to work together toward a better Canada.

The Dear Jack campaign can be found at Dearjack.ca and also at the Dear Jack Facebook page. Citizens are also encouraged to tweet with the hashtags #DearJack or #CherJack, in order to convey their thoughts. Joe Comartin, MP in the Windsor area, tweeted: “Jack’s final words spoke not of politics, but rather to the very core on which the human spirit thrives through hope and love.”

In the end, the Dear Jack project is an advertising campaign. It is not the sort of social media advertising campaign we are used to, which usually touts a product or service boost. Instead, this campaign is essentially advertising a concept. It’s about clean politics, teaching people to work together rather than fight. A concept that applies not only to politics, but an agency atmosphere, family life, and friendships.

“It was always really important to [Jack’s] family that the letter was not just meant to touch Canadians, but was actually to be a bit of a call to action for Canadians to actually envision a more loving, hopeful, optimistic, progressive Canada,” said Kathleen Monk, director of the Broadbent Institute. And now, through social media and Dearjack.ca, Canadians have their chance to encourage their country to come together in the name of progress.

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