Facebook Speeds Up

Yesterday, Facebook launched a new app for iPhone and iPad, touting it as “twice as fast”, and therefore twice as good. In June of this year, Facebook launched a new method for advertisers to get more bang for their buck – ads that appear right in users’ news feeds. With Facebook’s new mobile apps, the news feed is updated in real time, unlike the previous version where users would have to refresh the page in order to update it. With this new feature, users will be more likely to stay on Facebook for longer periods of time, and, as a result, will see more advertisements.

In the wake of Facebook’s ‘investor situation’ and their inability to make money, the company is focusing almost all of its attention on mobile devices. According to Forbes, “Some 543 million users, or half its base, access Facebook from a mobile device.” Because Facebook makes the majority of its money from advertising, a concentration on the platforms that most users employ is clearly the right business choice. I’m no business expert, but even I could have figured that out.

According to studies, people who primarily use their mobile devices to check things like Facebook or email get much more frustrated when interrupted by ads than people who use personal computers. While playing popular games like Angry Birds, users are subjected to advertisements during natural breaks, like between levels, or when restarting a level. With the inclusion of ads in a user’s news feed, Facebook is taking a page from that book.

iPhone users have complained about the Facebook app since it was first released, saying it was much better to just use a browser instead. Well, users, your wish for a faster app has been granted!

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