Follow Friday Extravaganza

In the words of America’s best airport restaurant chain, thank God it’s Friday!

Fridays at the office can often be a formality just to get to the frickin’ weekend (drink to that, yayeah!), so we don’t want to overload The Thread, and in turn, your brain, with content better suited for a Monday of memos and TPS reports. Mmmk? Great.

Today, comrades, we’re updating our Follow Friday list (#FF) and are going to make sure you’re following the very best that the Twitterverse has to offer. I think I’m going to stop saying Twitterverse. You’re already reading the best blogs (clearly), and now it’s time to spice up your updates, 140 characters at a time.

First and foremost, with the Olympics on everyone’s minds, people should be following @DarrenRovell, CNBC’s sports-business reporter. The title may sound dry to some, but he routinely brings a unique perspective to numbers, is known to find the best food at any venue, keeps a close eye on atheletes’ accounts looking for excellent retweets, and is always advertising-relevant.

We all love to laugh, and with so-called memes taking over the internet, we recommend clicking the blue bar on some meme twitter accounts such as @APhilosoraptr, @BadLuckBrian, and @ArchaicRap. The premises are tried and true, and they just keep getting funnier.

If meme humor isn’t your thing, perhaps you prefer crass, crude, and often NSFW social commentary, and that’s what the network of these comedy writers bring to the birds nest. Most write for TV, (Family Guy, Parks Recreation, etc.) but save their true colors for Twitter, and we recommend @MeganAmram, @TheSulk, @silviobarry, and the DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK @RobDelaney. Delaney is a standup comedian, who let’s just say is a little ahead of his time.

Sometimes Twitter births totally ridiculous, but absolutely hilarious “premise” accounts, and that’s exactly the case with Norman N. (@OldManSearch). The description for the account reads “My dad is 82 years old. I’m teaching him how to use the internet. I told him Twitter was how to search things on Google.  These tweets are what he’s searching.” No further explanation required.

Lastly, there are people on Twitter who you simply may not think to follow, but consistently come up with things worth clicking. This includes people like Roger Ebert, who since losing the ability to speak, has been doing nothing but writing and posting his opinions on more than just movies using Twitter (@ebertchicago). Ken Jennings (@KenJennings), the undisputed king of “Jeopardy!” also makes for an interesting follow. Who knew a bookworm like Jennings had such a good sense of humor? And finally, I’d wholeheartedly recommend following Twitter itself. The account @Twitter is a fascinating follow, as the company will update you with new developments, explanations for service malfunctions, and keep you in the know on what they’re up to. You also just don’t want to offend the man.

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy your Friday, keep tweeting, and let us know who we absolutely have to follow.



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