Get Your “Mitts” On This App

The G.O.P. is not exactly known for being a hip bunch. From George Dubya, to Sarah Palin, to big Richie Nixon, the Republicans have always sort of been, you know, stuffy?

But, Mitt Romney’s campaign team is changing all of that, and in quite a controversial way. In a marketing move that took the American media by storm today, Romney’s team announced that the presidential candidate would be announcing his choice for vice president via a smartphone app. If that’s not of this time, I don’t know what is.

Vincent Harris, a former digital strategist for Newt Gingrich’s campaign, believes the app actually makes a lot of sense. “It allows the Romney campaign to connect directly with voters and will allow them to rally the troops in the future,” he said. “Smartphone users are hyperactive voters, constantly consuming information via their devices. This application plays well to help satisfy the craving these people have to be the first to receive breaking news.” In other words, this is quite a savvy marketing play from Mittens.

This isn’t the first venture into digital marketing for Romney’s camp. In May, his campaign launched an Instagram-type app that featured a detrimental misspelling. Perhaps this is his attempt to rebound? (“See guys!? I really can do technology!”)

So, why the sudden tech push? I can just see it now. Romney sitting down with his marketing team, scratching his helmet hair, and asking what the “kids” are doing these days. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

While the veep app apparently looks sleek and stylish, “as it stands now, it is little more than a way for supporters to sync Facebook and Twitter accounts and make seamless donations to the Romney campaign,” according to Adweek. “It may also be used to bring more email addresses and social network accounts into the Romney campaign’s databases.”

Romney is pulling out the big guns on this one, and as a voter, if I knew his veep was going to be announced via app, I’d download it without hesitation. Safe to say, however,  the pressure’s on now more than ever to find a successful, intelligent, complimentary V.P. candidate.

I wouldn’t recommend Alaska.

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