Know Your Customer

The average consumer may not think about it too often, but every single industry – even ones that are generally considered to be ‘dull’ – have to market themselves in one way or another. In today’s Globe and Mail, Lauren Fairbanks, the founder of a content marketing and lead generation firm, blogged about the ever-present possibility of producing interesting content marketing.

Content marketing is basically a business’ creation and sharing of any content that is related to their product or service in order to connect directly with the consumer, via blogs, website copy, newsletters, or videos.

Even industries like financial services need content marketing, and Fairbanks insists that it’s possible to create engaging (not to be mistaken with goofy) content that works to attract customers and also interest current clients. For instance, if you were an accountant, it would be much more interesting for your potential customers to enter your website and find content that is geared toward answering their initial questions, like “how can I get more money back on my taxes?” rather than a funny viral short about a middle-class man struggling to stay out of debt. Cause, you know, that’s not actually funny.

Fairbanks writes: “Work within your constraints to identify topics, themes, and content types that your visitors are interested in.” But she insists that content doesn’t always have to fall into the ‘blog’ category. FAQ’s, videos, social media, and even apps can be great for content marketing. In this crazy, modern age that is ruled by the internet, businesses have way more options to consider when it comes to reaching customers, and that means there are more ways to be creative.

The piece of advice that is paramount in content marketing is “know your customer”.

Well, that basically applies to any facet of good business, but if a company knows their customer, they know how to engage them. Whether your selling cotton candy or crunching numbers, there is always a way to catch and hold a customer’s attention.

Though if you’re selling cotton candy AND crunching numbers, you might want to change your business model.

  • Christine Millar

    Great tips. Love this blog.

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