Mentos Has Gum

You know that guy who comes in to work every morning with his breath smelling like a mix of Budeweiser and frozen lasagna from the night before? This is for that guy.

As Mentos is loudly and proudly announcing in their new campaign, “they now have gum!” but the freshmaker isn’t wasting their new message on traditional billboards and banners. Instead, they’re taking to the glossy pages of magazines in a very creative way: The slogan is juxtaposed over what looks like a real page of whatever magazine the ad appears in, when in fact, it is of course an ad custom tailored to the specific magazine’s content.

The one above is set to appear in Maxim, for example.

The campaign comes courtesy of The Martin Agency in Virginia, the group also responsible for the latest “Happier Than…” Geico campaign currently making waves, and here’s something extra to consider about the campaign:

Yesterday, a “fake” Mentos ad spoofing a great scene in AMC’s Breaking Bad, and playing off the brand’s old commercials and jingle, went viral. It could be just a convenient coincidence the video surfaced on the heels of a new campaign, but we wouldn’t be at all that surprised if Mentos had a hand in getting the video made, circulated, or both.

In terms of the magazine ads, Mentos has a “Wardrobe Malfunction” one set to run in People, InTouch, and Us Weekly, while “The Streaker” version will run in ESPN and Sports Illustrated. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Playboy.

All the ads can be seen at Adweek.

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