New Olympic Logo

It’s only been three days since the new and opposite-of-improved Spice Girls closed out the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and already, attention has turned to Rio 2016.

With the retirement of one controversial logo, comes the unveiling of the next, and Brazil’s Tatil Design, the marketing and design team commissioned to design the 2016 Rio Olympics’ primary mark, has come up with a mesmerizing final product.

The Tatil team put 12 “aspects” or “themes” on a whiteboard and challenged themselves to come up with an illustrative concept that synthesized every last one of them. If that wasn’t enough, they also designed a completely new typeface for the “Rio 2016” wordmark. “It’s a dream to design. It’s the most seen and desired logo in the world. It’s the biggest event on the planet.”

Generally received as a knockout, the logo has been a hot topic (cool t-shirt) of conversation at design firms around the world lately, and our office is no exception. “It’s very well thought-out and well executed,” says Brittany Waldner, a senior designer here at Pulp&Fiber. “I think it encompasses the rich culture of Rio as well as the community and social spirit of the Olympics. I like it a lot – much more so than London’s.”

Tatil released a fascinating video in which the team explains their inspiration, breaks down their process, and showcases their talents at work. “We wanted to express the collective spirit of Rio,” one of the designers explains. “Let’s do all we can, and then a little more.”

With the competitive sprit now alive and well in logo-design, perhaps it’s time to make it an official event.

Watch the video and checkout the logo below, and let us know what you think of Rio’s new look.



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