Back To School Ads

All across this fair country, the little rascals are returning to school. That means there’s a whole lot of shopping going on; and with busy shopping seasons come a great influx of advertisements. This year in back-to-school advertising, things are different. According to commercial advertising analytics company Ace Metrix, North America has seen a big shift in what type of advertisements are most successful, and at first glance it’s kind of surprising. This year, technology is in contention with… haircuts and Lysol?

Of course there’s still technology on the successful ads list – in fact, Best Buy is number one – but there is much more variation than usual. Ace Metrix assigns a score of 1-950, measuring “creative effectiveness based on viewer reaction to national TV ads. This year, JC Penney had two advertisements in the top 10 – one for haircuts (JC Penney does haircuts?), and the other for back-to-school fashions. Those ads received an Ace Metrix score of 600 and 550, respectively. That may not seem too high, but Best Buy’s commercial topped out at 622. Other ads appearing included Lysol, Wal-Mart, Crayola, and HP Hardware.

So, why have consumers lost some interest in commercials touting technology? The obvious answer is that there’s not much going on as far as new devices go, and therefore there aren’t as many commercials for them. And if you weren’t already aware, kids these days are crazy about technology. According to PC World, “The iPhone [is] a universally understood part of children’s culture. And hundreds of companies have responded by creating child-specific apps, which makes the device even more compelling to kids.” The article that quote was taken from? “Why iPad Is the ‘Children’s Toy of the Year.’”

So, when there isn’t a bombardment of advertisements for new technology, parents can apparently focus on important things like haircuts and keeping clean. But that doesn’t mean next year won’t shift back to the now universally-accepted notion that technology is king. Bring on the iPhone 5!


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