Drambuie Gets Artsy

Employing the artistic talent of Adam Makarenko, and the mind of Community Art Director Justin Adam, DRAMBUIE® is taking over Camera Parts Inc. (1026 Queen St. W). In the weeks leading up to a special DRAMBUIE® event, a captivating diorama created by Makarenko, rests behind a darkened storefront window at Camera Parts Inc. (1026 Queen St. W).

Adam Makarenko has a background in photography and cinematography, and has worked on crafting perfectly fashioned, life-like dioramas, one of which he won a 2007 American Photo of the Year for photographing.

Outside of the window of Camera Parts Inc, citizens are invited to view the diorama through a small peephole. The diorama consists of a model-sized room featuring mirrors and zig-zag floor patterns, all in the DRAMBUIE® style.

Each week, the diorama will change, effectively working as a teaser advertisement for an upcoming DRAMBUIE® event. On September 29th, the very same night as Toronto’s art festival Nuit Blanche, guests will be invited for A Taste of the Extraordinary in Queen West’s art district, with the help of DRAMBUIE®. Get ready!

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