The Future of TV is Social

Today I spoke at the 2nd Annual Social Media & Branding Conference hosted by the Federated Press at the Courtyard Mariott downtown Toronto.  The keynote was on the ‘Role of Social TV in Building the Brand’ presented by Stephen Henrik, Director of Digital Product Development at The Globe and Mail and myself, on behalf of Community.

2nd Annual Social Media & Branding Conference Toronto:

Role of Social TV in Building the Brand from Stephen Henrik

Social TV is taking traditional media and mixing it with social media for real-time engagement. If you are not constantly innovating your brand you will get left behind. Social media is the digital water cooler and it doesn’t wait till everyone comes to work the next day, the conversation happens in real time.

This summer, I was at Banff World Media Festival which brings together the worlds leading broadcasters (NBC, ABC, CBS, CBC, CNN etc.) It was evident that social TV is a growing trend.  Social media is changing how shows are created, marketed, and how people interact with them. I did an episode explaining emerging trends from Banff 2012 on Coral TV.

What does this mean?

As viewers, we have access to almost everything about a TV show, who created it, the writers, their IMDB, behind the scenes photos, and more. As marketers, we know people are using second screens as they watch TV, looking up brands they see in commercials, clothing worn on shows, checking email, and updating social networks.

Viewers are using apps like Miso and Get Glue to check-in with other people watching the same show at the same time. They also have everyone they’ve ever known at the touch of a button in a status update.

This is an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Were you on Twitter during the Superbowl? The Olympics? There were Olympic commercials with the only call to action being the hashtag #London2012.

As new seasons of your favourite shows start to roll out today, watch for social interaction, hashtags on screen, and Twitter talk. Social TV provides massive opportunity to engage with your audience in real time like never before.

If your brand is advertising on TV or your product is in the hands of anyone on TV, take it as an opportunity to connect people to your social networks and own it.

Innovate or die. 😉

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