Google To Disavow Links

The discussion began earlier this year. Google, the global search mogul, announced their interest in allowing users to disavow links, if they suspected that certain links might be harmful to their site’s ranking. This idea was naturally met with mixed reviews, as both webmasters and web users weighed in with pros, cons, and questions.

Up until now, this discussion has only been speculative, as Google had not yet made this a viable option. Until today.

Indeed rumors of an activation are swirling, which has us taking a closer look at this proposed action by Google.

One of the biggest problems that a website will face is negative SEO, or nasty competitors pointing unwanted links toward their site. Historically, website managers have had limited control, and are unable to deactivate these unwanted links, which can result in a very poor search ranking for their site. Indeed, this can hurt the companies who heavily rely on their websites to generate business.

The Disavow Links tool is essentially the “no follow” tag for cleaning up a sites backlink profile. Due to recent algorithm updates, in addition to various actions taken by Google in an attempt to provide better quality results in its index, many great websites have been unfairly lumped in with low-quality sites.

If the buzz is true, Google has decided to remedy this issue by actuating the Disavow Links tool. This could mean great things for businesses, and bad things for spammers, or it could blow up in everyone’s face collectively.

Earlier this year, Google’s John Mueller made a statement, explaining just how this would work. “In general, if you remove the page that is being linked to, such as a spammy forum thread, and make sure that it returns a 404/410 HTTP response code, we’ll ignore the links to those pages,” said Mueller in a statement.

With Google’s rumored implementation, we’re left to wonder what it will mean for SEO.  Join the discussion in the comment section below. To disavow, or not to disavow? That, our loyal readers, is the question.

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