“Pocket Like It’s Hot”

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new when it comes to the wild world of advertising. Ozzy Osbourne did an “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercial, Mikhail S. Gorbachev appears in a highly stylized print ad for Louis Vuitton, Ben Stiller took his talents overseas in a bizarre spot for some Japanese soft drink, and taking it way back to the 1880’s, Pope Leo XIII appeared on a run of printed adverts touting Vin Mariani, a popular drink made from Bordeaux wine and cocaine.

A famous face can do wonders for a brand. However, casting the right V.I.P. is imperative to the success of any star studded campaign. A few months ago, with the relaunch of his career, Charlie Sheen starred in a commercial for non-alcoholic beer. The commercial pokes fun of his road recovery, making it seem like his time on the wagon will ultimately be short lived. However, in the end, the commercial drives home a positive message, and gets a giggle too. This likely meaning that the beer label did some #WINNING shortly after the commercial aired.

Unlike Sheen’s successful endorsement, this brand new commercial for Hot Pockets, starring Snoop Dogg, er Snoop Lion, has got us scratching our heads. Here in the office, we had to watch it a few times over to really believe it. Is this a parody? Or is this really an ad for Hot Pockets? And if it is, has Snoop finally lost his mind?

In the commercial, Snoop adapts his hit Drop It Like It’s Hot, turning it into, yes, Pocket Like It’s Hot.  Snoop is joined by a dancing Hot Pocket, some other rapper we don’t know, and Andy Milonakis. It runs a bit long, at three minutes and thirty seconds, and manages to incorporate a microwave on a bicycle, female dancers, a sauna scene,  and an entire rap about the zappable frozen snacks.

I suppose Hot Pockets deserves some credit. It takes a lot of guts to go live with a commercial like this, and banking on the “it’s so bad that it’s good” concept is always a risky endeavor for any company selling, you know, FOOD!?

What do you think of this commercial? Will it be successful in bringing the brand out of the deep freeze and into the limelight? Will it boost Snoop’s relevance, or will it destroy his street cred? Does it make you want a Hot Pocket, or does it make you want to hot puke-it? Puke-it like it’s hot? Have a watch, and then sound off in the comments below.


  • brettV

    come onnnnnn snoop

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