Nickleback Instagram Parody

Are you one of the annoying Instagrammers constantly posting photos of your food, nails, or selfies? It’s ok, we’re all guilty. Instagram is the social platform sweeping the world and the content is a bit of a catch-22, the same things that make Instagram annoying are the same things that make it awesome. Who doesn’t love taking a simple photo and turning it into a work of art by adding filters, crop, or blur? It’s magical.  Not to mention all the 3rd party apps like Diptic for collages, Overgram for text, or Mirrorgram for the artistic types.

Check out this hilarious video by College Humor about Instagram to the tune of Nickleback. (Yay, Canada?) Well done College Humor, you’ve given us a laugh once again.

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  • mica le j

    Fave filter is definitely earlybird.

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