Selfridges Goes Brandless

What’s in a name? How vital is it to sales? Would it matter in a blind taste test? Regular cola versus Pepsi or Coca Cola? No-name microwave popcorn versus Orville Redenbacher?

To some, brand names and familiar logos are all just “noise” – or at least that’s what Selfridges, a British department store, seems to think.

Because of this, they have launched their “No Noise” campaign, where they have de-branded many of their top selling products. These products have been stripped of their brand names and logos, and will be sold on shelves across the country sans signature.

Some of the brands who have agreed to participate in this campaign, a proposed defense against the ‘corporate monster’ known as label marketing, include Heinz, Beats by Dre, Levi’s and Marmite.

The company explains: “As we become increasingly bombarded with information and stimulation, the world is becoming a noisier place. In an initiative that goes beyond retail, we invite you to celebrate the power of quiet, see the beauty in function and find calm among the crowds.”

However, like any rogue effort, this one could always backfire, getting lost in translation all together. Selfridges has been quoted saying that these limited edition products can also be considered “exclusive collector’s items.”  Sounds like a sales driven initiative if we do say so ourselves.

Marketing ploy or not, these products are sure to grab some attention.  Despite the absence of most of the familiar branding, the products are recognizable, and pretty unique to boot, making them even more appealing to consumers. Will this campaign really silence the “noise”, or do you think it will simply crank the volume for brand-obsessed buyers. Sound off in the comments below.


  • casiestewart

    I wish this launched before the holidays I would love to score a nameless jar of Marmite,. Although it’s cutting out noise, it was clearly the work of a creative marketing team!

  • Roger Daoud

    I don’t think brand is just a signature, and a signature is just a logo. Heinz can’t fool me 😉 Although I quite like this campaign :) Volume all the wayy up!

    • Caron

      Crank it! I don’t think this does anything for the “noise” but it certainly has my attention. It Kind of makes me think of the Andy Warhol Campbell’s soups cans but just on the opposite end of the spectrum. I can totally see these becoming collectable.

  • Tanya Grenville

    If the products look exactly like the pics, they’re still “branded”…

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